Fundação Escola Técnica Liberato Salzano Vieira da Cunha

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Processo Seletivo

Para saber mais informações sobre os cursos ofertados pela Fundação Liberato, clique aqui.

Acompanhe as principais informações sobre o próximo processo seletivo:

Acesse os link a baixo para saber as informações sobre os resultados do processo seletivo 2020:
- Candidatos Diurno
- Candidatos Noturno

Graduates are required to satisfy the base guidelines of the University of Missouri Graduate School as depicted in the "Graduate School Bulletin . 11 A standard application structure must be finished and submitted alongside a transcript of courses finished indicating academic accomplishment and three letters of suggestion. The Graduate Record Examination Aptitude Test scores or the Miller Analogy Test scores are mentioned of United States and Canadian candidates and are basic for cooperation candidates. The TOEFL is expected of every single remote student. An undergrad major in humanism isn't required, albeit at least twelve hours undergrad work must be finished in social science and firmly related subjects plus research paper that was checked by typemyessays writers. Finishing of the Masters Degree is essential to acknowledgment into the Ph.D. program. Necessities for Degrees : The essential prerequisite for a Masters Degree with proposition Is the acceptable finishing and guard of a thesis* For a Masters Degree without postulation the student may choose the alternative of a 40-hour M,A, or M,S. Degree with a similar course fill in as required for postulation candidates* In the Ph.D* program all applicants must breeze through a passing test during the main year of graduate work. A thorough test covering indicated regions must be passed no later than seven months before the date of the last oral test (safeguard of dissertation)* The finishing of an acceptable thesis and its fruitful resistance in a last assessment complete the prerequisites for the degree.

- Processo Seletivo 2020/1 – diurno e noturno

Lista de Homologados Diurno
Lista de Homologados Noturno

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Edital nº 004-2019 - Prova de Seleção para os Cursos do Diurno 2020

Edital nº 005-2019 - Prova de Seleção para os Cursos do Noturno 2020-1

Leitura Obrigatória para prova do diurno:  "O outro passo da dança", de Caio Riter, Artes e Ofícios, 2009.
Edital de Abertura: a partir de setembro/2019
Inscrições: a partir de setembro/2019
Data da Prova: 24/11/2019

Provas de anos anteriores: acesse aqui as provas dos anos anteriores com gabaritos.

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